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You Can Do It

Change can be a scary thing. Putting yourself out there on any type of public platform, also a scary thing. But making the choice to officially turn my hobby into a small business has been such an amazing experience. When I started really pushing my business platform on social media, I knew nothing about how it works. Everyone this day and age knows social media is a large platform for many things. I devoted a lot of time and research (and still do) into what’s trending, how to be successful, etc. I still however, had no expectation of things to come.

I think if you would’ve told me three years ago that I would have features by “Now This”, “Country Living Magazine”, “INSIDERart” and others. I probably would have laughed. Not because I didn’t believe in myself but because being contacted by any big media platforms almost felt unattainable especially being from “small” Greenville, South Carolina.

On of the things I found fascinating was watching process videos and I knew I wanted to capture videos of how pieces I made come together so others could see. I didn’t know though, that by offering these process videos that my follower count would sky rocket. I also didn’t know that other art featuring platforms on Instagram/Facebook would feature my videos also increasing my follower count. Now I’ll be the first to tell you, that you can be successful without tons of followers, but through the process of social media as my following grows so does my business. I obtain new customers on a regular basis all through social media.

But it’s also very important to remember that a high follower count doesn’t always mean major sales. If you believe in your product(s), yourself and work hard you can be successful in many capacities. I am immensely grateful for my journey and what’s to come, it has been such a gift and what I needed. So often in life, my roles as wife and mom have me at max capacity but it is a breath of fresh air having the role of “lady boss”. That allows me to still keep a piece of “me” – who I have always been. The doors that open for you and your business can be life changing and I hope you pursue them with a heart full of passion and determination.

Tabathia Smith | The Adorned Fox

I've lived here my whole life and have such a love for this amazing place we get to call home. I look forward to lots of fun creating projects with you and encourage you to submit ideas and comments on things you'd like to see or know how to create!


Heather is the owner of Charlie Mason Entertainment in Upstate South Carolina. Entities include Upstate Exposures Magazine, Charlie Mason Radio, and the Northwest Corner Podcast.

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