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Write Your Life as a Woman with T. Dean Adams non-academic, creative writing class offers a retreat from the digital world Class schedule for Winter / Spring 2018 in Greenville, S.C.

UPDATED 3/15/18

“Need a nudge to get those creative juices flowing?

Women looking for a casual, creative environment where they can share their words

would do well to sign up for this motivating and positive experience.” – Austin Chronicle

“Pencil in some time for yourself… participants de-stress, remember past experiences,

and look toward the future.” – The State

Spring 2018 Class schedule Greenville, SC

Write Your Life Stories
Wednesdays, 12-2pm, April 4 – 25
The Greenville News
32 E. Broad St., Greenville, SC 29601
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*Discount for Greenville News subscribers.

A four-week memoir focused series, Write Your Life Stories is a non-academic, creative writing workshop to share the joys of writing and saving family history. The co-ed class guides participants to see the value in their life’s journey and find their voice in both writing and in life. By the end of the series, participants have stories to share with family along with direction for future research and writing.


About Write Your Life as a Woman 

In a grounding and inspiring writing retreat, experience the radical self-care of putting away all electronics, turning off your phone and turning on your creativity.

In the style of journal writing workshops, we write by hand – pen on paper – in response to writing prompts and class content. With a focus on the process and experience of writing, there is no critiquing – only gentle encouragement in a non-academic, creative environment. No writing experience is necessary.

Click here to review the class contract which sets the space for the class (and can mostly be applied to life also).


What happens in class:

  • Each student makes a commitment to follow the class contract. View it here.
  • Escape all things digital – we write by hand with pen or pencil on paper. Old school.
  • Phones are turned completely off.
  • We write and read out loud in class. However, you can always “pass” and no one will mind a bit. (Bullies do not take this class. Only really nice people take this class.)
  • Even if you don’t like to write, don’t worry… words will be spilling out of you right away… it’s magical.
  • Guaranteed good for the head and heart.



  • Bring your favorite pens or pencils and your favorite paper – journal, notepad or loose leaf paper.
  • Leave your computer at home.
  • Be prepared to turn your phone off.

Write Your Life as a Woman with T. Dean Adams 

non-academic, creative writing class offers a retreat from the digital world

Greenville, S.C. – Local writer, writing coach and media consultant (Ms.) T. Dean Adams offers women a creative retreat from all things digital in “Write Your Life as a Woman” workshops. The non-academic, creative writing workshop leads women through in-class writing exercises they then read out loud. The gentle motivation and inspiration guides women to see the value in their life’s journey and find their voice in both writing and in life. Writers of all levels of experience benefit from the workshop, as well as non-writers, and no writing experience is required. Students range in age from 18 to 84. Phones, laptops and computers are not allowed in the writing space to eliminate distraction. Instead students write with pen or pencil in journals or on notepads.    

Adams has created and led workshops for over 20 years beginning in Charleston with Collecting Your Memories for seniors and Write Your Life as a Woman. She served as the associate editor for Texas EMS Magazine, and was a columnist for The Post and Courier, skirt! and The Free Times. Her credits also include columns, commentary, articles and short stories in publications such as Austin Monthly, Austin American-Statesman, Charleston Regional Business Journal, Columbia Business Journal, Point magazine and many others. Most recently Adams presented the workshop at N.E.W. Leadership Texas, at the University of Texas’ Women’s and Gender Studies Department as a faculty in residence for the nonpartisan political training for college women. Adams is a native of the upstate and recently returned to South Carolina after a decade in Austin, Texas.

“Writing by hand connects one’s body, mind and spirit for a grounding experience,” says Adams.

The popular class attracts a diverse group of women from songwriters, to business professionals, to retirees and many others. Student’s descriptions of the class include: “motivating,” “helped me to build confidence in my writing and a better sense of self-esteem,” “… gave me confidence and faith in myself, in others and in the world in general. It was a true blessing,” and “… tapped into parts of me that were long dormant. Opened doors of creativity and intuitiveness I didn’t know I had.” An often-repeated description is “better than therapy, and certainly a lot less expensive.”


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