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Why Breakfast Reminds Us of Our Mothers

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As a kid, I wasn’t much of a breakfast eater, a habit that’s kind of stuck with me through the years. But breakfast, whether you eat it or not, is the most resonant of meals. A dish made for you and served to you while you’re still tousle-haired and sleepy is something special. As kids, if we were lucky, someone who cared about us was usually making it (even if they were coercing us to eat every bite, which felt like a kind of torture), meaning the food somehow became infused with that fuzzy, nostalgic childhood recollection of love, a feeling that lasts to this day. For me, that breakfast is cream of wheat, the porridge made of farina, which my mom made. I salted and peppered it, I put a pat of butter in it to melt (or my mom did), I dipped toast in it, and I ate every bite.

Does everyone have this kind of childhood breakfast memory? With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I asked around to find out what breakfasts people most associate with their mothers. I was deluged by responses. Of course, dads and grandparents and other friendly people made us memorable breakfasts, and we even made our breakfasts ourselves, but often, moms, or mother figures, were kind of the breakfast superstars.



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