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Someone that goes out of their way just for someone’s well-being
Someone that doesn’t even think about the glory they may or may not get
A person that doesn’t always wear a visible cape
Some hide in plain sight
Most you know about
But the rest are like the tooth fairy, they come out only on special occasions
Most heroes don’t even realize that what they are doing is even the slightest bit of heroic
Not all of them wear capes
They don’t always protect us from the bad guys
It’s the little things they do that don’t go unnoticed
None of them get the credit they deserve
A hero can be anyone of any color from any back ground
You never know when they will do good for someone else
A hero is selfless
Someone that doesn’t even think about themselves
That’s a hero to me

Rebecca Koch

I am a sophomore at High Point Academy. I am originally from Oconee County, South Carolina. When I'm not in school, I like to write and adventure.

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Heather is the owner of Charlie Mason Entertainment in Upstate South Carolina. Entities include Upstate Exposures Magazine, Charlie Mason Radio, and the Northwest Corner Podcast.

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