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Things Southerners Say In The Summertime

The South has its share of hot-blooded creatures who yearn for the dead of winter in June. They are likely in the minority. But even those of us who “just love summer” will turn on it eventually—especially when the mercury is still hitting 90 in September. That’s when our “too much of a good thing” attitude starts making some noise. We go into that whole “It’s not the heat—it’s the humidity” thing.

And so we have our summertime script that we turn to year after year, but it varies from month to month—or maybe we should say from temp to temp. Southern summers go from sunny and gorgeous to hot as blue blazes to relentless. And the longer that heat lingers, the grumpier we get.

Here’s the South’s summertime commentary, in our experience. Did we get it right?

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