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Ever wanted to make your summer days easier? Here are 10 summer hacks to make your summer easier!

  • Drop some scented wax cubes in a mason jar and poke holes in the lid. Place in your cup holder in your car. When your car heats up from the sun, the wax melts and you have an instant air freshener.
  • Don’t have a sprinkler? No problem! Take a two liter bottle and poke holes into it, hook it up to your hose pipe and you have sprinkler for your kids to enjoy!
  • Ever been bit by a mosquito? Here’s a solution to help it go away. Lick the tip of your finger and dip it in salt, then rub the saliva solution on your bite.
  • Got bit by a bug or insect? Rub deodorant on the bite and it will stop the itch.
  • Have a nasty grass stain? Put vinegar on the stain and throw it in the washing machine.
  • Hot seat belt problem? Buckle your seat belt when you get out of the car, so it won’t be exposed to the hot summer sun.
  • Bugs bothering you? Take a vitamin B complex during the summer. Insects don’t like the way it smells.
  • Need a light camping? Put glow sticks in an empty water bottle.
  • At the beach and don’t want your phone to get wet or sandy? Put your phone in a freezer bag and you can still use your phone.
  • Dry hair? Put olive oil or honey in your hair next time you shower.

Rebecca Koch

I am a sophomore at High Point Academy. I am originally from Oconee County, South Carolina. When I'm not in school, I like to write and adventure.


Heather is the owner of Charlie Mason Entertainment in Upstate South Carolina. Entities include Upstate Exposures Magazine, Charlie Mason Radio, and the Northwest Corner Podcast.

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