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A Sit Down With the New Face of Greenville Real Estate: Zach Herrin


Photo Courtesy of: Black Stream International

A native of Los Angeles, Zach Herrin recently moved to Greenville with the hopes of taking over the luxury real estate market in the upstate. Herrin, who is a former professional motorsports athlete, works for Blackstream Christie’s International. Blackstream Christie’s (who you may recognize from the beautiful new office building they built on the outskirts of downtown) is a nearly 250-year-old company specializing in luxury real estate services. While Herrin is fairly new to the real estate game, he is already making waves here in the upstate. With listings in some of Greenville’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Herrin combines his competitive drive of being a pro-athlete, with his vast knowledge of real estate to provide you a one of a kind experience.

The Interview:

What is the best part of your job?

Herrin: “ I would say the people, I love working with people, and seeing beautiful homes. I also love seeing the Greenville flips, house flippers in Greenville have great taste, and I love seeing the before & after of the homes.”

What sets you apart from the dozens of other real estate agents in the area?

Herrin: “ I think it would be my deep knowledge of real estate, not only the luxury real estate market but I have a construction background, and a strong marketing sense. I think I bring a fresh approach to marketing in real estate.”

Just spending some time with Herrin, I would have to agree with his answer about how he is bringing a fresh approach to an otherwise tired practice. Hearing about his marketing approach, and how he integrates social media when it comes to selling a home or finding a home for a buyer, he really has a creative, and fresh approach, without it feeling overwhelming. You can find him on Instagram: @lifeof_zach & @listingsbyzach


What is the best part of working at Blackstream Christie’s International?

Herrin “ The CEO is very involved and hands-on with the company and the teams. I also love the people and the beautiful office space here in Greenville. The teams here in Greenville are great to work with, and are really supportive of each other. The new office is beautiful, and makes it fun to have meetings with clients because they really get to see how Blackstream Christie’s sets themselves apart from other companies.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone aspiring to do what you do?

Herrin: “ Have a plan, and be organized. Have a cushion financially, the real estate market is unpredictable, and you need to have a plan and a cushion just in case. I came into real estate having a daily routine I planned out my day so I am always doing something. I have set times each day where I do social media, reaching out to potential clients, and posting listings so people know what is out there.”

Herrin provides a young, fresh approach to a market that is in need of some new and fresh faces. His knowledge of the market combined with his drive and determination is something Greenville was in need of.

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