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Restaurant Week In The Upstate

Restaurant Week in the Upstate
Restaurant Week in the Upstate

Upstate South Carolina participated in a week of culinary experimentation and
promotion from January 11th to January 21st. One of the main goals of Restaurant
week was to being more business to our local restaurants. The restaurants created a
special, sometimes multi-course, menu for the week in order to give people a taste of
what that restaurant has to offer.

Though Greenville has been participating in Restaurant Week for a few years now,
this was Spartanburg’s first year participating in this event, and with 15 local restaurants
that participated, I’d say they had a pretty good first year. A few of the local restaurants
in downtown Spartanburg that participated were; The Crêpe Factory, HenHouse
Brunch, Downtown Deli & Donuts, Cribbs Kitchen, and one of the hottest restaurants of
2017, Pokenori. For the full list of all of the restaurants that participated, visit

Some of the more upscale restaurants in both Greenville and Spartanburg that
participated made it one of their main goals to create a more affordable menu to draw
unlikely customers into their restaurant. Most of these restaurants made a tapa like
menu that included several courses so customers could get a taste of all the restaurant
had to offer. The modified menus presented a great opportunity for both the chefs and
the customers to try new things.

The owners of the restaurants that participated in this event were hopeful that their
reduced prices, delightfully interesting cuisine, and friendly staff members would bring in
the customers during this special week. In the end, pretty much every restaurant had a
great turn out every night. Restaurant week provided a great opportunity for people to
socialize, try a new restaurant that they never would have been thought about, and not
have to cook, all while getting a pretty good deal and supporting a local business while
they were at it. After all, supporting local businesses is a great thing to do. Restaurant
week 2018 was a success thanks to all of the people who came out to support our local
businesses. We can only hope more restaurants participate next year!

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