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“Ready to Roll” is one of the best produced albums of original music
to come out of the Upstate in recent years.


I had an opportunity to sit down with drummer, O'Dell Scott and talk about where Splitshot came from, and what they have coming up for 2017.

There was a time when bands got together after high school football games to perform for their friends in the high school gym. It was a place to go after the game was over and still hang out with your friends. And it was an opportunity for young musicians to hone their skills while their friends danced to the latest craze. It is where the roots of SplitShot were first formed. "We had a lot of good players come out of Pickens County, we really do...they say you can be from Greenville, but if you want to be famous, you need to move to Spartanburg so then you have some legacy." Mr. Scott chuckles to himself, referring to well known musicians and others from the Spartanburg area who have gone on to become world famous.

Mr. Scott received his first drum set when he was thirteen years old. He says he wasn't a friendly kid and didn't make friends easily. His mother bought him a drum set hoping he'd start a band to make friends. She told him later that she was amazed he could make a living playing the drums, something she never expected him to do.

4 years ago, O'dell joined SplitShot and took over as leader. Mark and O'dell played with Slewfoot, who replaced Alabama at the Bowery in Myrtle Beach when they left, which is not an easy situation. Alabama had Top 20 hits at the time they left. The name SplitShot is just something they came up with because it sounds good. The band went through the process of making everything legal and official, and running their band as a business.

The bar was set for SplitShot before they were even formed. Mr. Scott was a member of several bands when he first started and saw firsthand the kind of quality and dedication required for success. "It sets the bar for me that I want to put everyone else on." He got his musical chops playing all kinds of different styles of music, finally settling on country music, specifically music you can dance to.

It is rare for a band to stay together for very long, but SplitShot remains very focused on their musical careers, having released their latest album "Ready To Roll" in 2016. Band members Chris Lee, O'Dell Scott, Mark Ensley, and Scott Cely were joined by musicians Aaron Bowen, Buddy Strong, and Tom Duvall to produce an album that they are incredibly proud of. "Ready to Roll" is one of the best produced albums of original music to come out of the Upstate in recent years.

An album is only part of their offering. SplitShot is one of the hardest working bands in the southeast. In late January, they already had their entire 2017 performance schedule almost completely full. They make sure they not only play good music, but they put on a heck of a show.

CHRIS LEE - Acoustic guitar, vocals
O'DELL SCOTT - Drums, percussion, vocals
MARK ENSLEY - Bass, harmonica, vocals
SCOTT CELY - Lead/rhythm guitar, vocals


BUDDY STRONG - Rhythm guitar (Soothe Me)
TOM DUVALL - Organ (Ready to Roll)

PRODUCED BY - O'Dell Scott and Chris Lee



South Eastern Sound Studios
Campobello, South Carolina


Mar. 10 - Wild Wing Cafe - Anderson, SC
Mar. 11 - Chesnee Shrine Club - Chesnee, SC
Mar. 15 - House Divided - Greenville, SC
Mar. 17 - Rumors - Waterloo, SC
Mar. 18 - Greenwood Moose Lodge - Greenwood, SC
Mar. 22 - House Divided - Greenville, SC
Mar. 24 - Hide Out - Easley, SC
Mar. 25 - Last Chance Saloon - Walhalla, SC
Mar. 31 - Pour House - Taylor's, SC

Apr. 1 - Deja Vu - Anderson, SC
Apr. 7 - Steddy's - Easley, SC
Apr. 8 - Chesnee Shrine Club - Chesnee, SC
Apr. 8 - Private Event - Chesnee, SC
Apr. 14 - Rumors - Waterloo, SC
Apr. 15 - Rusty Anchor - Chapin, SC
Apr. 21 - 22 - Wild Country Saloon & Nightlife - Piedmont, SC
Apr. 28 - 29 - Wild Country Saloon & Nightlife - Piedmont, SC

May 3 - House Divided - Greenville, SC
May 5 - Music on the Market - Easley, SC
May 6 - Boiling Springs Ale House - Boiling Springs, SC
May 12 - Wild Wing Cafe - Anderson, SC
May 13 - Tipsy Taco -Greenville, SC
May 19 - Fountain Inn, SC
May 20 - Tiki Hut - Seneca, SC
May 26 - Deja Vu - Anderson, SC
May 27 - Rusty Anchor - Chapin, SC

Jun. 2 - Wings 101 - Abbeville, SC
Jun. 3 - Tipsy Taco -Greenville, SC
Jun. 7 - Harley Davidson/Quaker Steak - Greenville
Jun. 9 - Hide Out - Easley, SC
Jun. 10 - Craft & Barrel (Cheers) - Greenville, SC
Jun. 16 - Wild Wing Cafe - Anderson, SC
Jun. 21 - House Divided - Greenville, SC
Jun. 24 - Tiki Hut - Seneca, SC

Jul. 1 - Ninety Six Festival of Stars with Aaron Tippin - Ninety Six, SC
Jul. 4 - July 4th Celebration - Easley, SC
Jul. 8 - Deja Vu - Anderson, SC
Jul. 13 - Rhythms Concert Series - Clinton, SC
Jul. 21 - Craft & Barrel (Cheers) - Greenville, SC
Jul. 22 - Tiki Hut - Seneca, SC

Aug. 11 - Wild Wing Cafe - Anderson, SC
Aug. 19 - Pickens Amphitheater - Pickens, SC
Aug. 24 - Anderson Block Party - Anderson, SC
Aug. 26 - Tiki Hut - Seneca, SC

Sep. 2 - Tiki Hut - Seneca, SC

Oct. 6 - Wild Wing Cafe - Anderson, SC

Dec. 1 - Wild Wing Cafe - Anderson, SC

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