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Depending on who you ask, I’m a terrific salesman. I find this comical because I hate selling. Wait, that’s not strong enough –


Yet, I’m finding as I talk to people about Upstate Exposures Magazine, that they don’t believe me. I can understand that because in 12 months, I’ve taken an idea that’s been percolating in my mind and heart for several years, brought 12 others on board with me, and created a product that is soaring (darn right I’m proud about that!). I have stepped way out of my comfort zone and created an online magazine that I am very proud of.

What they’re seeing is that I am very passionate about Upstate Exposures Magazine. I believe in what we are doing and the reasons I started Exposures in the first place, which is to provide an advertising vehicle for small businesses that gets real results at a price that small businesses can afford. I’ve worked in advertising, and I’ve owned my own small business (Heather Kitchen Images) for 10 years. Small businesses need effective advertising, and effective advertising is almost always too expensive for small businesses to afford. So, I created Upstate Exposures Magazine as a means to bridge that gap.

And it’s working brilliantly, except for one tiny detail… see above.. big, bold letters…all caps…

Not to mention, that as the leader of this incredible publication, I have so many responsibilities that at some point, I would love to spend time with my family, and maybe do the laundry.

So, there are people out there who understand that it’s not really a salesman I want, but someone who is genuinely interested in helping small businesses grow. Someone who is more interested in relationships than in sales figures.  I am looking for someone who believes in the goal of Upstate Exposures Magazine as much as I do and will convey that to our sponsors because I will only trust the right people with those relationships.  The right people will be representing my magazine, and that is a huge responsibility.

I believe in being honest and straight forward, so here’s where a bunch of you will get scared away.  This job is a risk. This magazine is currently staffed by unpaid volunteers, so the people who fill this position will be the only paid staff members, and independent contractors working on straight commission. Yes, that means there is no base pay.  I want the right people to knock it out of the park, and when they do, it’ll be quite lucrative for them. Great rewards always come with great risk, but I can promise that I won’t hinder your success. In fact, we will be working quite closely together to build those professional relationships and making Upstate Exposures as successful as it can be so that our sponsors are as successful as they can be, and as the advertising executive, you will be as successful as you can be.

For those of you who are still reading… The commission rate is higher than average to make up for that and I will discuss particulars with anyone who is brave enough to schedule an interview. The job requires that you are professional, personable, positive, responsible, honest, and trustworthy. I am more concerned with your work ethic than with your level of education.  Skills can be taught.

If you think you are that one particular person this post is meant for, send me an email with your resume:

Heather Kitchen, Editor-In-Chief



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