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Guy Furray Announces Congressional Run

EDITOR’S NOTE: At Upstate Exposures Magazine, we believed in keeping our readers informed. Sharing press releases and official statements for local political candidates and officials does not in any way imply endorsement of the candidates, their political affiliations, or their ideologies.


Good Day,

I’m Guy Furay. I am running for Congress. The Fourth District of South Carolina, to be exact. Along with about 20 other people. However, I am writing to tell you why I am different than every single one of them.

It’s because I am running as a centrist with a new party. The American Party. My goal, and this new party’s goal, is to break down the barriers of our current political structure that is grinding to a halt because of the constant fighting between the two main parties.

The American people are suffering under the two-party system because the system is set up to make winners of the two parties. No one else. It’s time we change that.  That is why I am running for Congress in the Fourth District. I am taking a stand to change the system. America can do better. It’s time we start.


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