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"Good Hub City Eats"

That's really what makes you a foodie, or more than a foodie. You gotta know that food and community are synonymous.



This month I'm just going to talk about my favorite places to eat, drink, and chill. Just think of me as your hand holding, food and lifestyle ambassador for Spartanburg’s gastronomic landscape.

I don't know if you're a citizen, a visitor, or someone who never gets out, but I want to be able to show you what you're missing out on here in the burg. A little about me. I'm Dennis, a Spartanburg native, multimedia producer, and general lover of food and fun. My authority stems from many years eating food, and studying culture. That's really what makes you a foodie, or more than a foodie. You gotta know that food and community are synonymous. This is where I got my recognition. I once wrote an email that read like a breakup letter because of one place’s inconsistent service, despite its almost consistently excellent food. I pointed out issues, and never heard back from them. About a year and a half later, I found out that this email had become an internal document for the corporation. Whether it was for derision or as a series of standards, my opinion had become known. Not once had I ever read or written a Yelp review.

After hearing this, I started to take a more serious view of how I relate to my city and its food. I tend to get a service industry discount, but I'm not technically employed by anyone. Anyway, check out my Instagram: @wheretoseeyou to see what I'm about. Now, let's get to the nitty gritty. Where do you want to eat and what do you feel like eating tonight? I know a few places where you can get some good stuff. But I'm just gonna talk about my top 3, so here we go.

First of all, let me throw out a couple of chain restaurants. I hate fast food with a passion, but if I ever eat it, I'll probably be eating at Chick-fil-a. That place is good. I almost always get the 8-count nuggets. That's about as fast as I'll admit getting. Next is Chipotle. Their options are technically healthy. They're a business that makes sure to do things the right way- in an environmentally friendly way. They use animals that are raised cruelty-free as far as I know, and it's delicious. Now, get this, they're expensive, but it's worth it. I've never walked away from a Chipotle hungry. Sometimes, I can't even finish my chips and guacamole.

Buffets are often where I end up eating with family and friends more often than not. Two stand out. Golden Corral, has a million and one options. If you can't decide what you all want to eat, that's your best bet. They're a little more expensive, but they definitely have a lot to offer and a fair quality. If your idea of a salad is a few pieces of lettuce buried in ham, steak, bacon, and cheese, drenched in ranch dressing, then this is the place for you. The staffers keep your drink fresh and they are always friendly.

The second favorite buffet, is Sun King. This restaurant has been a buffet for roughly 20+ years and there has never been a time when the food has been bad. Their quality shows through and has been for all these years. It's also in the same square as Gatti Town, which is a pizza buffet with an arcade. It gets an honorable mention, because it is a niche. There are other, better pizza buffets, but this is the place I eat the most because of a single unique offering: They've had the Pump it Up dancing game for so many years, and they keep it updated and tournament ready.

Downtown Spartanburg is where many of us live our days. We work, play, socialize, and stay nourished there. This is also where the bars and restaurants that truly excel en masse, exist. That being said, Miyako Sushi group and Monsoon Noodle House are both excellent places for sushi and noodles, respectively. Miyako has a full-service bar that offers some specialty beers from Japan as well as everyone’s favorite staple - sake. Sho Chiku Bai is what they serve, and they also have a few other cold sakes that you can take home. Wild Wings Cafe is right on the corner of Main St. and Dunbar St. They also have a full-service bar and the typical American Fare. Diagonally across the street is Growler Haus, a bar that serves several craft beers, from local Breweries. They serve some pretty good sandwiches as well. If you really like a specific beer, you can take home a Growler of it, for legal, off premises consumption.

Hub City Tap house is similar to Growler Haus in their scope of offerings and the fact that they support local breweries, and have a rotating menu of selections. The thing is that they have a club that is limited in number. You get your own custom made mug, a passport book, and an app that helps you keep track of the different craft beers you've tried. It's pretty amazing.

If you head down towards the East side of Spartanburg, you'll find Willy Taco. It's a great place for a casual night out or a date. I like it because of the suggestive name, but I also like it because of the delicious food and excellent service. The company also really cares about its employees. They are never disgruntled and all very nice people, who genuinely want to help make your dining experience as good as possible. The decor and the ambiance of the place are also quite fantastic and easy on the psyche. You won't mind the short wait times for your food, and you'll definitely want to get more than one appetizer each, because they're just that good.

Lastly, I want to shout out to A Caribbean Sweetness down Main St. in Spartanburg. It is an AUTHENTIC Cuban sandwich shop that offers several delicious Cuban style sandwiches and delicious sides that are both familiar, like rice, beans, veggies, and unfamiliar, like Yucca chips and plantain chips. Basically, all of these place have several drink selections like the standard soft drinks and several different beers and/or liquor drinks.

That's basically a short list of the places I frequent or that stand out in my mind when coming down to make the decision of where you really want to eat. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns feel free to email me, Dennis, at

Dennis Evans, Food Editor

When Dennis Evans isn't out shooting and producing video, he likes to take gastronomic tours of Spartanburg and other cities. He has a taste for great food and an eye for even better service. An avid participant in local entertainment affairs, he's always attempting to find more ways to connect locals and visitors alike."




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