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Ahh lunch. The only thing I’ve been waiting for all day.

The whole time in trig, the only thing I could think about was food. But other than that it was actually a good class. I’m not a fan of math, but how the teacher acts, makes it look like this is going to be an easy class.

Her name’s Mrs. Anderson and she’s just like Mr. Crowe.

From what everyone says and in the movies, you’d think high school teachers were old, but a lot of the teachers here are actually young.

I walk out of the classroom and look around the hallway, which is actually more crowded than it was this morning, and spot Phoebe with Lee, Nyla, Katelyn, and Cassidy.

I see them talking and laughing about something. They all look like good friends. I wish I had that. But I think I will, since I’m going to sit with them at lunch.

Hopefully we can all become good friends.

I just never would’ve thought that my first day back in school, I would already have some people to hangout with. But Cassidy also might have people to hangout with, because I do think she is also new, but I’m not sure.

I hope she’s new, so I wouldn’t feel alone.

I hate feeling alone. I remember when I was younger, when my dad died, I would be alone. I know that I was young and don’t really remember anything, but I do remember little snippets of my past and I was alone most of the time. It was just me and my mom and my mom was always busy trying to live with the fact that my dad wasn’t with her anymore.

But it’s all over now and my mom is happy.

I’m glad.

After examining all of them, and bringing up the past, I walk up to them nervously, because the only person I kind of know is Phoebe.

I arrive to them, “Hi.” I say, hoping they’d all like me.

They all look at me, like they’ve just seen a ghost, “Uh hi.” They all say at the same time.

“-This is Jackson.” Phoebe says to Lee, Nyla, katelyn and Cassidy, while interrupting there stare towards me. “He’s new to this school.”

“Oh, hey Jackson-” They all say in a better tone than they had before I was introduced by Phoebe. “-how are you liking it here so far?”

“It’s good.” I say, not really knowing what to say.

I hate being short to them, but I don’t know what else to say to them because I barely know them. Well, I actually don’t know them, so why would I already be talking to them. I’m always like this with people I don’t know. A lot of people think I’m being rude to them, but if I don’t know you then I’m not going to talk to you. It’s not like I can already be myself towards them.

Nyla starts to speak, “That’s good. It’s actually a pretty great school.”

“Yea.” Lee says.

Well of course he’d think that, since he’s the captain of the football team.

Phoebe interrupts my thought, “Okay, well you all ready to go?” She says like she is our leader.

“Yea.” They all say except me.

Anxiety really does suck.


Josh Cox | Author of "Dear Phoebe"

I am in the 11th grade at High Point Academy. I am the author of the fictional series "Dear Phoebe" that is featured here at Upstate Exposures Magazine.


Heather is the owner of Charlie Mason Entertainment in Upstate South Carolina. Entities include Upstate Exposures Magazine, Charlie Mason Radio, and the Northwest Corner Podcast.

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