Note From The Editor | November 2016

Believe it or not, it’s November! I can hardly believe it myself – this year is flying by, and it seems that once the holiday season starts, time speeds up at an exponential rate. Before we know it, we’re at the new year and in the heart of winter, and waiting anxiously for warmer weather so we can all go to the beach.

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Art Meets Sound: The Upstate’s Own Westminster Effects

Our Upstate has such a diverse group of artists, creators, DIY’ers, and all around awesome people using their talents and skills to create new art, new builds, and new music. Cody Fields of Westminster Effects is no exception when it comes to all three.

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Note From The Editor | October 2016

October is also the 2nd issue of Upstate Exposures Magazine and we are growing by leaps and bounds! Our inaugural issue was read and shared throughout South Carolina, and even as far away as Japan! We can’t tell you how grateful we are for all our readers near and far. We want everyone in the Upstate to be a part of this magazine because Upstate Exposures is for you.

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A Note From The Editor | Inaugural Issue

Upstate Exposures Magazine seeks to bring all these unique and interesting characteristics to the front for all to see. We love the unsung heroes of our area. We love the die-hards. We love the local stories and the small town history museums. We love our food and we love our football.

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