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Roger Upton is a native of the upstate of South Carolina. He has a lifelong love of nature and of hiking. He has section hiked most of the southern portion of the Appalachian Trail, and has hiked in the Rocky Mountains, Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, the Badlands of South Dakota, Smoky Mountains, Ozark Mountains, and the Everglades to name a few.

His favorite hiking area is where he calls “home” – the beautiful the Blue Ridge Mountains. He leads private and group hikes into the Blue Ridge by appointment.

When he’s off the trail, he contributes articles and photography of his adventures to several regional and local publications and social media outlets. In addition, he designs hiking-themed stickers which he sells through his online store.

In his “real” life, he is the multi-site manager and corporate trainer of an Upstate non-profit thrift chain. He enjoys playing guitar, discovering new music, growing organic vegetables, reading history and theology, and spending time with his family and friends.


Heather is the owner of Charlie Mason Entertainment in Upstate South Carolina. Entities include Upstate Exposures Magazine, Charlie Mason Radio, and the Northwest Corner Podcast.

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