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Becoming A Senior

This fall, the start of the new school year, I am eagerly awaiting to become a high school senior. My excitement lies in the fact that this is my last year of high school, a major achievement for anyone. Throughout my entire high school life, I attended High Point Academy, located in Spartanburg. High Point Academy is a school built on principles of honor, integrity and service. It is a beautiful place to attend school and all the faculty members are hard-working and tremendous. It will truly be an honor to graduate, knowing that the staff at High Point Academy contributed to my educational development and
taught me many aspects of growing up with the High Point family. Completing my high school career with the amazing people at High Point is a small step in my entire life goal, but it is an outstanding goal nevertheless.

My feelings are complicated toward becoming a senior, it struck me to know that I am becoming an adult and will be attending college in 2018. There are many decisions to be made ranging from colleges, to scholarships, jobs and loans. There are many financial burdens that I will have to face, in buying books and other materials for school. One of the colleges that I am personally interested in is Gardner Webb, not too far from where I live and is a Liberal Arts school, a very accomplished school.

There are also scholarships to consider, college expenses are high. It is a difficult decision to choose the perfect college to attend, but it is a task I will face head on. Because, it will shape who I am going to be as an adult and where I will end up after four years. However, whatever decision I make, I will make sure it provides opportunities that will lead to a great career.

But, the most challenging problem I face now is finishing this year with an outstanding high school transcript, and finish my high school reputation stronger than ever. This year, I want to enjoy the little things of high school. Teachers who became role models, friends who became inspiration, upcoming students who became a reflection of who I was. The Basketball games, Volleyball games, all the sports High Point offers, I wish to enjoy everything before I move on to my higher education. I want to study and finish with all A’s completing a full A’s grade list since entering high school. Being able to finish high school is an astounding accomplishment for me. I have always awaited my chance to shine and this is but a small dent in the car of life. The closer the school year approaches, the more reality strikes, unknown factors that will influence the decisions I will have to make as a senior. The wait has been long but this is a reality that I am somewhat prepared for.

My expectations for my final year are very high, due to the fact that this is the first graduating class for High Point Academy. I expect grade things from my high school. On a personal level, I wish to make my parents proud and all those rooting for my success in life. If I am afraid of anything, it is disappointing those who have helped me get to where I am today. It is a strain to live up to everyone’s expectations at times, but it is a strain that is necessary. I want to live an accomplished and fulfilled life and it all begins with the stepping stone of high school education. Education is a determining factor for many of whom, want to make it out of poverty and make a better life for themselves. So, through the struggle of hard work, through the sweat of dedication, through the fight of failure, I will make the best of the opportunities given to me and make a success out of my self. I will be leaving behind years of fun, inspirations, learning and I want to express my heartache of leaving and becoming an adult.

I am grateful to those who I have met who have sowed a seed of greatness in me, who have given me hope for a brighter future, who have helped my decision making, I owe all to those people. I still have to complete my last year of high school, but sometimes if feels as if I will always be attached to the idea of going back someday to see how far High Point Academy will reach when its first graduating class leaves. I am grateful to my teachers, friends and family who have been there since the beginning. I wish my final year of high school will be an amazing one and may my hopes be met and my dreams come true. Also, to those who are also graduating in 2018, I wish for all your success and happiness for your senior. When one door closes another will open, and may that door be filled with many immense opportunities.

Kacia Ramasar

I am currently a senior at High Point Academy where I am a member of the Beta Club. I am an all A's student. I am a certified member of CERT. I participated on the varsity volleyball team. In the future I would like to become a pediatric nurse or work in the medical field.


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