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Here is my story… I know it’s long. I’m sorry, but just take a little time to read and see how it began….. #TheHouseOfFlawless

3 years ago I began to think about owning my own boutique, but I was extremely unqualified, didn’t know the first thing about management, or owning a business. I was a stay at home mom for over 9 years so my work experience was little to none. While living in Germany …in 2004, I started studying traditional makeup applications and eventually got my certification. From Germany my family and I moved to Oklahoma and I picked up a little clientele here and there but my makeup skills was not where I wanted them to be, and YouTube was NOT educating me on the artistry nor the business side of what I really wanted to do with this makeup thing. That’s what I called it at the time.

So I made the decision to go back to college. While my husband was deployed and my 3 boys in school I attended Cameron University majoring in Studio Arts. This is where my makeup turned into art and my art turned into my vision. This is where I started to see and understand the true meaning of color theory, hue difference, warm, the behaviors of color mixtures.

Majoring in studio arts is where I fell in love with the Renaissance Art, gazed into the eyes of Rococo Art for hours from my art books, and daydreamed about me being Leonid Afremov , but I was not that talented in painting. LOL! I was okay but no where near that good. I would never be Leonid Afremov. I could never pick up a few painters knives and some oil paint with on a blank canvas and turn it into a powerful breathtaking masterpiece, but I could study ever style of painting, work on what I could do and apply it to my form of art and turn it into my own masterpiece.


Years later I toyed with the idea of me having my own. Never really believing that I could do it. I kinda pushed it in the back of my mind. Applied for makeup counter after makeup counter until finally being hired at one. Quickly realizing that artistry wasn’t the main goal of the counter and continuing to be overlooked for full time positions that I deserved and being told, Well Alores… You are just the talent and I’m not sure full time would be good for you right now. So I quit. 2 week notice. Kiss my talented behind. I’m out ✌🏾️.

After that I did a little freelance here and there. Worked for another makeup counter, but always knew that there was something a little more I wanted. My own studio! Something small. Cute. A couple of chairs and mirrors. Nothing big, and that’s what I did. I quit the makeup counter job I had and went out on my own! Clients booming. My nose in the air. Money coming in! Working on my lipstick line! HAAA! Nobody could tell me nothing! Then BOOM!!! I FAILED…….. just like that. Shut down. Door closed. Moved out. Gone.

How in God’s name did that just happen??? I had fallen and literally did not think I was going to get back up. Once again the thought of me having my own crossed my mind. But I couldn’t do that! I just failed at it the first time and the funds was NOT there. I have a family. I simply cannot continue to quit jobs and put all of this burden on my husband. So… I had a long talk with God. I knew it was time for me to talk to him. I had been ignoring him for a while. I thought I could it all on my own. I went in my closet and prayed and cried, screamed, kicked & hollered WHY! Why would you close that door on me?? I was having so much of a temper tantrum I couldn’t see that he was trying to prepare me for my own, but BIGGER.


After my temper tantrum with God I began to shut up and listen. Move when he told me to and be still when he said it. I started meditating and working on the life I wanted for myself and my family. I started to WORK on my relationship with God. The more and more I worked on my relationship with him the more he showed me the door he closed was for my protection. That was never my door to begin with. 9 months later I signed the lease to my cosmetic store with God on one side and my husband on the other.

I am 3 days away from being the first black women to own and open a cosmetic store/ beauty lounge in Simpsonville, SC. There is so much more to this story because this is only the beginning but I rather tell you the rest in person.


Meet the owner and Creator of The House of Flawless makeup and beauty lounge. Alores C. Norris.


Heather is the owner of Charlie Mason Entertainment in Upstate South Carolina. Entities include Upstate Exposures Magazine, Charlie Mason Radio, and the Northwest Corner Podcast.

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