Marketing/Branding Consulting

You concentrate on your product or service, we concentrate and marketing that product and crafting your brand.

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Influencer Posting

Use our social media network while you continue to build yours. We have a ready-made following in the Upstate at your service.

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Marketing Partner

Let us take the place of an in-house marketer. We'll handle the heavy lifting of marketing your company while you build your business.

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We Give Upstate South Carolina Small Businesses Exposure

We started as an online digital magazine focusing on the stories of the Upstate of South Carolina that needed more exposure, and we quickly realized that what was needed was something else entirely. The small businesses of the Upstate needed a marketing agency just for them. An agency that provided branding, marketing, and advertising services that small businesses need at a price that they could afford, and that could grow with them.

So we kept our name and changed our focus.

Upstate Exposures Magazine is proud to offer a full range of services, making it possible for smaller businesses to have access to marketing, advertising, and branding options they never thought possible.

We have the knowledge, the network, and we spend our time building the relationships while you spend your time building your business. We know you work hard providing the best product and service, so let us help you build the best brand and spread the word to the entire Upstate.

In other words, let us help give you the most and the best "exposure".


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